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Launch Your Leadership Part #2- Bible Study June 3, 2020

Pentecost Sunday Worship Service 5/31/2020

Bible Study-Launch Your Leadership 5/27/2020

Memorial Day Service (Two videos)Video One

Memorial Day Service Video Two 

Happiness is an Inside Job- Bible Study May 20, 2020

"Then Sings My Soul" Sunday Worship Sunday, May 17 


Move Forward, Make the Next Right Move- 5/13/2020

360 on Fourth Community Tour-Stop #4

I Hope You Dance-Happy Mother's Day! 5/10/20 Worship Service 

National Day of Prayer-May 7, 2020 At Historic Fort Steuben

How to Overcome Confusion and Fear? Bible Study May 6, 2020 

How to Overcome Confusion and Fear?

360 on Fourth-Community Tour Stop #3


"Hallelujah, By and By" Sunday Worship Service 5/3/2020

"Stay In Your Lane" Bible Study 4/29/2020

360 on Fourth Community Tour-Stop #2 Union Cemetary 

"Making a Way in the World Today"-Sunday Worship Service 4/26/2020

"Living In The Moment"-Bible Study 4/22/2020

360 On Fourth-Community Tour-Stop 1-Trinity Express Care

"A Whole New World"-Sunday Worship Service 4/19/2020 

3 Peas in a Pod-Bible Study 4/15/2020 

360 on Fourth With Rev Jason Elliott-Routine 

He is Risen! 4/12/2020-Easter Service Worship Service 

Good Friday 4/10/2020-The Seven Last Words of Jesus Christ 

Maundy Thursday 4/9/2020- Together we celebrate the Last Supper 

Bible Study 4/8/2020 Easter Eqution:Following Jesus=working hard and practicing humility!

360 on Fourth With Rev Elliott-4/7/2020-Share the Gift of Hope 

Palm Sunday Worship Service-4/5/2020 "Hosanna in the Highest Heaven!"

4/1/2020 God's Picture of Emotional Health-Bible Study

3/31/2020 Comfort & Mercy-360 on Fourth 

3/29/2020 Lean On Me-Sunday Online Worship Service 

3/25/2020 A Strong Foundation Part 2-Bible Study 

3/24/2020-Share the gift of humility & a thankful heart-360 on Fourth

3/22/2020-Amazing Grace-Sunday Online Worship Service 

3/18/2020 A Strong Foundation for our Faith-Bible Study Part 1

3/17/2020 360 On Fourth-Keeping Your Faith With The Good Lord 

3/15/2020 "Thirsty? Try Living Water!

3/8/2020 "Let The Light Shine"

2/23/2020 "Be a Good Listener"

2/16/2020 "Focus On The Goal"


2/9/2020-"Do What's Right"

1/5/2020-"Here We Grow 2020"

10/13/19-Secure in Your Own Skin

9/29/19- When There Are No Words


9/22/19- The Three R's

*360 On Fourth With Rev. Jason Elliott*

*Back to the Basics* 



•Live in the moment•

Knocked down? Rebuild!

What is really important to you? 
Connect 4!

Power of Words!