Cancer Dietary Initiative 

On the third Saturday of every month, dozens of volunteers band together to pack, transport and distribute nutritional food items to cancer patients undergoing treatment in our area. Distribution takes place from the basement of the First West Presbyterian Church in Steubenville, OH directly into the patient's vehicle.   

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Mission Outreach Committee 

Being God's hands and feet and heart... that's what we try to do on the Mission Outreach Committee. Won't you join us? Here's some of what we do: Community Luncheon the 3rd Saturday of every month at 11:00 a.m., in conjunction with the Cancer Dietary Initiative food distribution for cancer patients.

  • We have "adopted" the School of Bright Promise by having two thank you luncheons for the teachers a year, along with purchasing supplies and snacks for the kids. They don't have a PTA, so First West steps in and fills those shoes.

  • We buy "much needed" shoes for kids and others through the Suls for Christ mission.

  • We plant and harvest the Community Garden each year with help from our community. There's nothing better than home-grown veggies! 

  • Plus we support many mission opportunities, both locally and internationally. 

Do you feel that tug on your heart from the Holy Spirit?

Step right in and join us! We'd love to have you!

Darrin Corrigan & Scott Strachan, Co-Chairs 



The goal of E.D.G.E.(Education+Determination+God=Excellence) from its inception, according to Rev. Jason Elliott, is to teach and develop the kids on and off the court.

The E.D.G.E Sports concept came together about five years ago when a group of retired coaches and educators were getting together for Bible study. “We were trying to look for a way to reach out to kids and promote Christian core values. We kind of brought together the communities, the schools, the coaches, the churches and everybody to start to teach the kids about basketball, but the real goal is to build Christian core values in these kids.

Each team has its own chaplain, and those are representatives of many different denominations here in the city. 

“It takes a lot of hard work,” According to Rev. Jason Elliott. “It starts with corporate sponsors, Steubenville City Schools for opening up their facilities to us to hold an event like this. It’s a credit to the coaches who have put the blood, the sweat and the tears into really forming and creating values in these kids, to the custodians that turn the last light off and do things like putting the tables back. It is a community effort.”

The program, with leagues for boys and girls in grades one through six, has grown to around 275 participants this season. The growing institution, Elliott hopes, will receive another big boost from the Cavaliers visit and partnership.

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